Invited guest speakers from abroad

 Name:  Brent Alvar

  Country: USA

   Field: Sport Performance

 Position: Professor at Point Loma Nazarene University- a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  AREA OF EXPERTISE: performance, occupational preparedness (e.g., sports, firefighting, and military), and health-related benefits from resistance training.

 Title: Dose-Response of Resistance Training, A Historical Perspective


Name: Anastasia N. Fischer, MD

Country: USA

Field: Sports Medicine

Position: President of ACSM, Professor of Pediatrics at the Ohio State University College of Medicine

  AREA OF EXPERTISE: adolescent female athlete, concussions, and spondylolysis

Title: Current Controversies in Managing Spondylolysis


Name: Karen Danylchuk
Country: Canada

Field: Sports Management

Position: President of World Association for Sport Management


Sport marketing, Internationalization in education and sport management

, Women in sport, intercollegiate athletics

Title: Women in Sport:  Insights, Assumptions, and Opportunities


Name: Ian Rollo
Country: UK

Field: Exercise Nutrition

Position: Principal Scientist, Head of Gatorade Sports Science Institute International Service- research fellow at Loughborough University


Carbohydrate Metabolism, Protein, Hydration and High Intensity Intermittent Sports

Title: GSSI, our activities and research focus


Name: David C. Nieman
Country: USA

Field: Sports Nutrition and Immunology

Position: University Professor at Appalachian State University, and director of the Human Performance Lab

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Unique nutritional products as countermeasures to exercise- and obesity-induced immune dysfunction

Title: Personalized Sports Nutrition for Athletes: Limits and Possibilities


Name: Min Du
Country: USA

Field: Growth Biology

Position: Professor and Endowed Chair in Nutrigenomics and Growth Biology, Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Development of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue

Title: Effect of Maternal Exercise during Pregnancy on Childhood obesity


Name: Eishin Teraoka
Country: Japan

Field: Sports Pedagogy

Position: Assistant Professor, Institute of Physical Education Keio University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Physical Education; Sport Pedagogy; Table Tennis Coaching

Title: Affective Learning in Physical Education


Name: Dr. Thomas Allen 

Country: UK

Field: Sports Engineering

Position: Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Sports Engineering

Title: Auxetic materials for sports applications    


Name: Kyle Martin MD

Country: USA

Field: Orthopedic Surgery Residency

Position: Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic hip, knee, and shoulder surgery

Title: Machine Learning orthopedic sports medicine


Name: Bruno Ruscello
Country: Italy

Field: Sports Sciences

Position: Faculty of medicine and surgery at "Tor Vergata" University of Rome

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Team sports theory, techniques and didactics, principle of match analysis

Title: Performance and Match Analysis: software and sensors for monitoring the competitions and the sports training






Name: Jose Pino Ortega


Country: Spain


Field: Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


Position: Sports Science Faculty at Murcia University


AREA OF EXPERTISE: Physical-sports activity and quality of life


Title: Analysis of football files with GPS technology




Name:  Javier Mallo
Country: Spain

Field: Sports Sciences

Position: Conditioning Coach at Real Madrid

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Team Sports Training, Football Conditioning Program 

Title: Towards a new theory and practice for team sports training





 Name:  Otmar Weiß

Country: Austria

Field: Sports Sociology

Position: Professor at University of Vienna

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Sports Sociology, Cultural Diversity, Cross Cultural Studies

Title: Fair play in sport as a means to create a better world




Name:  Hugo Sarmento
Country: Portugal

Field: Exercise Psychology

Position: Assistant Professor at University of Coimbra

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Match analysis, Talent Development 

Title: Practical post-exercise recovery strategies in male adult professional soccer players- a systematic review



Name:  Laura Catherine Healy
Country: United Kingdom

Field: Exercise Psychology

Position: Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: coaching and exercise psychology 

Title:  Application of Goal Setting Theory to goal setting interventions in sport





Name:  Dina Christina Janse van Rensburg
Country: South Africa

Field: Sports Medicine

Position: Professor at University of Pretoria & Head of Section Sports Medicine at the University of Pretoria

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Injury and Illness surveillance

Title: Coping with travel fatigue and jet lag




Name:  Karsten Krüger
Country: Germany

Field: Exercise Physiology and Sports Therapy

Position: Editor-in-Chief Exercise Immunology Review & Professor at Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Applied human physiology with emphasis on the molecular and integrative mechanisms 

Title: Effects of genetic variation on endurance performance, muscle strength and injury susceptibility in sports



Name: Renato Sobral Monteiro
Country: Brazil

Field: Neuroscience and Physical Exercise

Position: Professor at State University of Montes Claros

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Aging; Neurosciences; Exercise; Health Sciences

Title: Dual –task training to prevent cognitive decline and frailty in older adults



Name:  William Sheel
Country: Canada

Field: Kinesiology

Position: Professor at University of British Columbia

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Systems Biology, Exercise & Health

Title: Airway anatomy and the mechanics of breathing during exercise



Name: Gregory Haff 
Country: Australia

Field:  Strength and Conditioning

Position: Professor of Strength and Conditioning at Edith Cowan University

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Neuromuscular Adaptations to Strength and Power Based Training

Title: Long-Term Periodization and Block Periodization in Sports: Emphasis on Strength-Power Training



Name: Ruud H. Koning
Country: Netherlands  

Field: Econometrics of sports

Position: Professor at University of Groningen

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Applied microeconometrics, Insurance economics, Non-life insurance models 

Title: Home Advantage in Individual Sports  



   Name:  Rabiu Muazu Musa

Country: Malaysia

Field: Sports Engineering  

Position: Senior Lecturer at Malaysia Terengganu University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Performance Analysis, Machin learning

Title: Machin learning analysis in team sports: identifying talented players




Name:  Jørn Wulff Helge
Country: Denmark

Field: Exercise physiology 

Position: President of ECSS & Professor at University of Copenhagen

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Sports Medicine, Diabetology

Title: Regulation and physiological importance of maximal fat oxidation




Name: Marco Iosa
Country: Italy

Field: Sports Biomechanics

Position: Associated professor at Università Sapienza di Roma

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Motor control, Neuroscience, Neurorehabilitation, Biomechanics

Title: Wearable Devices in Sport Biomechanics


   Name:  Benoit Séguin

Country: Canada

Field: Human Kinetics

Position: Director and Associate Dean at Faculty of Health Sciences  & Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Olympic Marketing and Sponsorship, Branding, Olympic Games, Ambush Marketing

Title: Brand Governance and Olympic Brand




Name: Jim Taylor
Country: USA

Field: Sports Psychology

Position: Adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Performance and Sport Psychology, Child Development and Coaches Education

Title: A New Vision of Sport Psychology for a New Generation of Athletes, Coaches, and Sports Organizations




Name:  Nicolas Evans
Country: Swiss

Field: Sports Technology

Position: Head of Football Research & Standards at FIFA

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Data-Driven Decision-making in Sport, Football Technology & Innovation environment

Title: “Top 3 challenges” relating to technology in football/ sport with particular focus on research areas?



Name:  Leng Ho Keat
Country: Singapore

Field: Sports Business Management

Position: Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Sport Retailing, Sport Marketing, Perceptions of Sport and Assessment in Education

 Title: Use of eye trackers in sports management research



Name:  Denise Martin
Country: Ireland

Field: Sports Performance Analysis

Position: lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis in the Technological University Dublin

AREA OF EXPERTISE: High Performance and Championship Sports

Title: A Framework for Professional Practice in Applied Performance Analysis





Name:  Chui Ling Goh
Country: Singapore

Field: sports law

Position: National track and field athlete & Ph. D candidate at Melbourne Law School

AREA OF EXPERTISE: sports law and governance

Title: The challenge of regulating doping and non-doping ‘performance-enhancing strategies’ in elite sports?



Name: Dr Pooya Soltani

  Country: United Kingdom

 Field: Sport technology

 Position: Researcher, CAMERA Innovation Studio, Department of Computer Science, University of Bath

    AREA OF EXPERTISE: Extended reality, Sports biomechanics, Gamification, Ergogenic aids             

 Title: Using virtual reality for detecting expertise in basketball 




  Country: United States

 Field: Sport vision, Optometry.

 Position: Professor, Pacific University College of Optometry.                                                     

 AREA OF EXPERTISE: Vision Care for the Enhancement of Sports Performance.             

  Title: Optimizing Visual Performance for Sports        



Name:  Michael Koehle

  Country: Canada

   Field: Kinesiology

 Position: Professor at University of British Columbia

  AREA OF EXPERTISE: Systems Biology, Exercise & Health

 Title: Air Pollution during Exercise - Practical Tips for Optimizing Performance and Health




Name:  Samuele Marcora

Country: Italy

 Field: Exercise Physiology

 Position: Professor at Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

  AREA OF EXPERTISE: motivation psychology and cognitive neuroscience to better understand fatigue, endurance performance and physical activity behavior

Title: Mental fatigue and sport performance


Name: Afshin sasani

Country: Denmark

Field: Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering

Position: Department of Health Science and Technology Sport Sciences Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Associate Professor in sports science and ergonomics with the Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, Director of the Laboratory for Ergonomics

Title: Improved planning for active pauses during computer work via ocular biofeedback




Name: Rogerio Hirata

Country: Denmark

Field: Ph.D in Clinical Sciences (Health Science and Technology)

Position: Associate Professor (Health Science and Technology

Employment in Aalborg University

                   AREA OF EXPERTISE: Associate Professor, Department of Health Science and Technology

               Associate Professor, The Faculty of Medicine, Sport Sciences - Performance and Technology

Title: Accidental falls in older adults- can we prevent it with training




Name:Mathias Kristiansen

Country: Denmark

Field: Assistant Professor (Department of Health Science and Technology)

Position: Aalborg University · Department of Health Science and Technology

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Professor (Associate)

 Title:Maximal upper body strength and sprint kayak performance


Name:Pascal Madeleine

Country: Denmark

Field: professor in sports science and ergonomics

Position: professor in sports science and ergonomics at the Department of Health Science and Technology at Aalborg  University.

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Professor, Department of Health Science and Technology Professor, The Faculty of Medicine Sport Sciences - Performance and Technology.

Title:saddle/bibs development, pressure distribution and discomfort


Name:Charles Chan

Country: China , Hong-Kong

Field: Accredited Sports Dietitian

Position: Personal trainer, reputable nutritionist and reputable sports nutritionist

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Master in Nutrition and Nutrition (Flinders University, SA, Australia) Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition (CUHK

ISAK Level 1 Anthropometer Reputable Personal Trainer (NASM, USA)

Title: Nutrition knowledge of Hong Kong's Elite Athlete


Name:Daniel LEE

Country: China

Field: Sports Science and Physical Education

Position: Associate Director, Elite Training Science and Technology Division

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Community Sports Committee of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association.  

Title: Operation of HKSI during COVID pandemic


Name: Hardaway Chan

Country: China , Hong -Kong

Field: Master of Sports Medicine and Health Science

Position: Part-time Lecturer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Offer lectures to msc students lead students to participate in research studies , research assistant , senior scientific conditioning coach

Title: Technology in Strength and Conditioning at HKSI                                            




Name:Danny Chu

Country: China , Hong-Kong

Field: Sports Science and Physical Education

Position: supervisor of the HKU medical engineering internship program

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Senior Sport Biomechanics Officer in Hong Kong Sports Institute,motion analysis , game analysis and technological enhancement in elite training , extensive experience in providing on-field performance analysis to various sport teams in local and overseas supports such as athletic 

Title: Performance Analysis in Sport Biomechanics and Technology Centre at HKSI


Name: Daichi Yamashita

Country: Japan

Field: Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning

Position: Department of Sport Science, Japan Institute of Sport Sciences, Japan High Performance Sport Senter

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Researcher in High Performance Gym group, Department of Sport Science, Japan Institute of Sport Sciences

Title: Evidence-Informed Assessment and Monitoring in the High      Performance Gym


Name: Kaoru Yamanobe

Country: Japan

Field: Sports Sciences

Position: Researcher, Department of Sports Sciences, Japan Institute of Sports Sciences

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Construction of training environment for athletes in the  wind tunnel , Development of equipment in consideration of fluid dynamics ,  Research and study for ski jumping

   Title:Wind tunnel laboratory assistance for sports with high speed movement